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Home Remedies for Heartburn during Pregnancy

Home Remedies for Heartburn during Pregnancy


Heartburn is burning sensation in chest area caused by stomach acids flowing backwards in the swallowing tube or esophagus.

During the pregnancy the muscle that joins stomach with the swallowing tube (esophageal sphincter) can become too relaxed. It causes natural valve that protects stomach acids flowing back to esophagus not closing properly. As a result pregnant women experience acid reflux or heartburn symptoms.

There can be several reasons for that. First, hormonal changes in the body may cause the esophageal sphincter to be unusually relaxed. Also, the growing pressure of the fetus to the stomach area may contribute to more frequent acid reflux symptoms. These are the reasons why acid reflux or heartburn during pregnancy is so common occurrence. Things to Know When Suffering from Acid Reflux While Pregnant 

The acid reflux or heartburn treatment during pregnancy is similar to the regular treatment, but additional care should be taken regarding taking medications.  The safest option is to follow appropriate lifestyle, eating habits and dietary regime. In this way no damage will be done to fetus. Lifestyle for Acid Reflux While Pregnant  

Avoid eating more than 2 hours before going to bed. The pressure of the food in stomach may force acids to flow up in the esophagus.

Choose to eat several small meals instead of few larger meals. Avoid lying down at least half an hour after the meal. The gravity may push stomach acids upwards.

It is a good idea to take a short walk after the meal. This will help your digestion.

Use more pillows when sleeping to avoid sleeping flat.

Take it easy. Stress is often related to heartburn symptoms. Learn stress reduction or meditation techniques and be persistent. Being able to manage your stress is one of the most valuable tools for healthy life and health of your baby. Right Diet - the Answer to Home Remedies for Heartburn during Pregnancy   Acid reflux or heartburn treatment for pregnant women are generally the same as for other people.

Avoid spicy and acidic foods. Stay clear of such acidic vegetables as tomatoes, onions, cauliflower and peppers. Limit eating citrus fruits.

Limit your coffee intake. Caffeine triggers stomach to produce more acids. Fast foods, such as hamburgers, French fries and similar are absolute no. Eating fast foods is often the primary cause of heartburn symptoms.

Say no to fuzzy drinks – colas, sodas and lemonades. The gas in bubbly drinks expand the stomach and cause the same effects as eating too large meals, when muscle that protects stomach from the acids flowing back becomes too loose. Also, fuzzy drinks add to acidity in stomach.

Also say no to fat foods. It takes much longer for body to digest fat thus stimulating stomach to produce more acids. The only exception is Omega-3 fatty acids from fish and fish oils. These are useful anti-inflammatory substances.

There is some advice on the forums about drinking milk, ice cream and chocolate to lessen heartburn symptoms for pregnant women.  Make sure you know the facts before following this advice. Milk and milk based products contain calcium and this in turn stimulates stomach to produce more acid and make heartburn symptoms worse. Milk often feels good when swallowed, but it produces more acid afterwards. Chocolate contains caffeine and fat that might add to more acids in your stomach and make digestion worse. If you can’t live without chocolate, choose dark and organic chocolate. Recommended product: Heartburn No More by Jeff Martin

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