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Heartburn Relief | Home Remedies Skip to content All conventional drugs are made up of some chemicals which leave behind their side effects.

 Heartburn Relief | Home Remedies Skip to content All conventional drugs are made up of some chemicals which leave behind their side effects.


Heartburn Relief | Home Remedies Skip to content All conventional drugs are made up of some chemicals which leave behind their side effects. These harmful side effects have made complementary medicines more and more popular.

If you happened to have a problem in its initial stage tries to get rid of them with naturally available cures. They are safe and healthy.

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Heartburn can be a symptom of malfunction Lower end sphincter muscles of esophagus. There are many reasons for LES to become inefficient.

Firstly, please look in to medical cabinet and list out the medicines you have been taking for a quite a long time. Any one of them can make the LES weak enough to allow the acid to flow back to mouth.1. Drink water to clear off the acid back in to stomach.

2. Chew your food slowly and thoroughly. Let enzymes in your saliva digest the nutrients. This will reduce the work load on your stomach, where secretion of acid is directly proportional to the load you put on it.  Do not drink water with meals, it will fill up your stomach and may tend to force the acid back in to esophagus.

3. If you are looking for a quick relief you can make your own antacid by mixing half spoon baking soda in a glass of water. This solution can give you quick relief but be sure you are not under salt restricted diet .Sodium can quickly raise your blood pressure.

4. Eat an apple to cool down your stomach.

5. Avoid all spicy, highly fatty foods that take a long time to digest.

6. A glass of butter milk can calm down the burning sensation very quickly.

7. All alkaline vegetable juice can subside the heart burns. So pick whatever is available, it can be a potatoes, cabbage or celery.

8. Grape and papaya and pine apple juices are good to relieve heart burns.

9. Make nice tea with cardamom and cinnamon plowed. They are age old home remedies for relieving heart burn.

10. Unwind and relax to reduce stress on mind and body. Stress causes to release more acids.

11. Chew a sugar free chewing gum while unwind and relax , let your saliva flow in to your esophagus to clear and soothe the acid on its lining.===> Eliminate  Heartburn Pain in 2 Days <===

Beware that remedies are only to give you quick relief for heartburn. It is important that you visit your doctor in case symptoms persist for long time.

Proton pump inhibitors are drugs used to treat GERD – Gastro esophageal reflux disease. A disease where acid in stomach flows up in to esophagus and damages the sensitive inner lining of food pipe. To control acid reflux and subsequent heart burn these proton pump inhibitors inhibit the secretion of acid in parietal cells of stomach.

Decrease in production of acid directly effects your digestion. Food will not be digested completely. Any bacteria that go along with food in stomach will survive and thrive as soon as they escape this hydrochloric acid barrier. Undigested food particles will further putrefy to harbor these bacteria leading to destruction of protective lining of intestines.

Proton Pump Inhibitors are available on prescription and over the counter. Doctors prescribe them to treat Sever GERD conditions where esophagus is getting damaged with frequent reflux of acid and also to treat ulcers in intestines. OTC drugs are available for all too quickly bring down heartburn.

Proton Pump inhibitors prescribed by Doctors: Cipher, Proton, Sigrid, Prevacid, and Nexium

Following is the warning issued by FDA against usage of PPIsFDA Drug Safety Communication: Clostridium difficult-associated diarrhea can be associated with stomach acid drugs known as proton pump inhibitors (PPIs)

FDA in their warning has clearly explained the link between usage of PPIs and C Def. Diff – Clostridium difficult is a bacterium that can spell doom to digestive system. It starts with diarrhea that does not improve. The patient develops serious intestinal conditions with symptoms like watery stool, abdominal pain, and fever.

So be ware and try to keep away from Proton Pump inhibitors. Prevent the onset of GERD in first place .If you take preventive care with natural remedies your system does not demand for PPIs. Your Doctor prescribes only when the conditions dictate. So, do not let the conditions to set in first place.

Medical terminology used for heartburn gives you a clear understanding on status and situation of the disease :===> Eliminate Heartburn Pain in 2 Days Eliminate Heartburn Pain in 2 Days

Once in a while, after heavy, sumptuous fatty meals, we all experience the taste of sour hydrochloric acid, as it reaches our mouth during burping or while bending forward. Our throat keeps burning for some time as the acid flows back.===> Eliminate  Heartburn Pain in 2 Days <===

Heart burn, also known as Acid Reflux, is an unpleasant burning sensation in the esophageal area that arises when there is an unrestricted reverse flow of gastric or esophageal content in to throat.

Often sufferer panics by assuming ‘chest pain due to heart burn’ as impending heart attack. Also, there is grave danger in neglecting heart attack as heart burn.

So it is highly imperative that one is aware of the symptoms of Heart burn to take necessary precaution and medical aid.

Heart burn is the most common symptom of GERD [gastro esophageal reflux disorder].following symptoms indicate that the patient is suffering from GERD.

1. Frequent reverse flow of acid and food particles from stomach to mouth.2. Pain in swallowing. - Acid damages the soft lining in throat .3. Difficulty in swallowing with a feeling that food is stuck in the throat.4. Wheezing and coughing due to aspiration of gastric contents in to the lungs.5. Nausea after meals6. Spasmodic chest pain7. Respiratory diseases like asthma and pneumonia follow when GERD is neglected.

In addition to the above, about 50% of all gastrointestinal reflux disease sufferers report the co-occurrence of unusual symptoms pertaining to the nose and sinuses.

Intense chest pain may closely resemble that of myocardial infarction that it has often been incorrectly interpreted as a heart attack. However, unlike the symptoms of gastrointestinal reflux disease, cardiovascular chest pain is usually aggravated during physical exercise.

Finally, if one experiences Chest tightness, sweating, turn pale and become weak along with heart burn, should visit an emergency ward as quickly as possible.

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